Maya Modeling Tutorial: Hammer Boy

This free tutorial series covers the entire 3D modeling and UV Mapping process of my Hammer Boy Character. The timelapse is 8+ hours down to 30 minutes. Enjoy!

The entire free series can be viewed here:

In this series, we will be covering character modeling concepts and workflows in Maya. The concepts covered in this series can be applied to games, film, TV, and all other 3D digital mediums. We will cover how to prepare the character model for animation while understanding the importance of topology and edgeflow.

By completing this series, you will learn how to work from reference, understand animation and facial topology, and keep a clean Maya scene. Finally, we will cover common modeling techniques like polygon modeling, edge modeling, and use sculpting tools. Even though we’ll be using Maya specific tools like the “ Modeling Toolkit” the concepts and workflows learned here can be applied to your own CG characters in any software.

Concept by Nada Weiss:

December 13, 2020