3D Car Modeling - Sports Wheels and Mod Kits

Tutorial / 21 November 2021

Here are the last couple videos where I cover modeling detailed sports rims, tires, and custom mod kits. Check them out here:

3D Car Modeling - How to Add More Details

Tutorial / 13 October 2021

Here's the next video from my car modeling series where we cover how to block in the rest of the vehicle. This includes details like body lines, rear lights, windows, side view mirror, rear spoiler and more. 

3D Car Modeling - How to Add Details

Tutorial / 22 September 2021

After creating the car blockout, we're now getting into adding key details and features of the front end (hood scoop, headlights, fender flares, air dam/splitter). Here's the latest video: 

3D Car Modeling - Blocking in Your Models

Tutorial / 04 September 2021

After watching this tutorial, you will learn how to block out your own 3D car models. This is a new series where I will be covering vehicle modeling from beginning to end. This video focuses specifically on key tips and workflows for blocking out your car exteriors like planar modeling, modeling the vehicle in sections, and how to balance form and topology  The series will include a combination of high level concepts, workflows, and step by step techniques and is targeted for beginner to advanced skill level in 3d modeling. 

Youtube Milestone: 5k Subscribers!

News / 09 August 2021

Just hit 5k subscribers on my YouTube Channel! Thanks to everyone who supports my channel 'On Mars 3D'. This took me about of year of uploading weekly to hit this milestone. 

A big motivating factor has been people reaching out to me from all over the world to learn 3D Modeling, Rendering, and Art. I'm happy to be part of their 3D Art journey!

Check out my latest videos here:


3D Car Modeling - How to Get Started

Tutorial / 21 July 2021

Started a new tutorial series on 3D car modeling. This first video is how to get started with blueprints, camera match reference, creating curve guides, and much more. I've been working on vehicles for over 10 years wanted to share my workflows. Enjoy! 

How to Texture Game Props with Substance Painter

Tutorial / 01 July 2021

Almost at the end of my creating 3D game ready assets series with Maya, Substance Painter, and Unreal Engine! This video covers the texturing process in Substance Painter. I show how to create various types of metals, decals, emissive materials, glass, etc.

High to Low Poly Texture Baking with Substance Painter and UDIMs

Tutorial / 24 June 2021

Latest video where I continue the high-to-low workflow. I take my grenade model from Maya then import and set it up in Substance Painter using UDIMs, Masks, Material IDs, etc 

How to UV Map Complex Objects and Setup UDIMs in Maya

Tutorial / 16 June 2021

I've been capturing the entire process of creating a game-ready hero asset (modeling, UV Mapping, texturing, etc) . This video covers UV Mapping complex objects and how to setup UDIMs in Maya:

High to Low Poly Workflow in 3D Modeling

Tutorial / 08 June 2021

After watching this tutorial you will have an understanding of optimization workflows and concepts to keep in mind when you need to bake high poly detail down to your low poly models. This video is part of a series on how to prepare real-time game ready assets in a real production pipeline.