Automotive Powertrain CGI

F150 Diesel Engine

F150 Diesel Engine 2

Super Duty 2020 Diesel Piston Follow

Super Duty 2020 10 Speed Transmission

Ford Super Duty 2020 Diesel Oil Pump

Ford Super Duty 2020 Gas Oil Pump

Here is a collection of work that focuses on automotive powertrain CGI from over the years. It includes rendered animations and VFX on engines, axles, transmissions, etc

As the CG Supervisor, my responsibilities included lighting and rendering, overall visualization and creative art direction, managing the production process, and managing client relations and expectations.

This project was created by Texel Logic, a Jackson Dawson company.

Clients: Ford, Dana, zMax

Software used: Maya, 3ds Max, V-Ray, Phoenix FD, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Premiere Pro

May 18, 2021