IndyCar Aerodynamics in AR

Unity, Autodesk & Texel Logic: IndyCar Aerodynamics in AR

Texel Logic created the app UI with Unity, and the AR functionality using ARKit and ARCore, choosing the iOS version for the conference. During development, the studio consulted with IndyCar to refine the content and usability of the app and used the IndyCar data as a mask for the visual effects. The image markers created a database of positions and rotations to use as a reference for the 3D mask of the vehicle. Texel Logic then recalibrated the 3D mask to accommodate the viewing position of the user based on which QR code they scanned, helping accentuate the aerodynamic features of the race car.

Read more on Unity's blog post here:

As the CG Supervisor, my responsibilities included overall creative art direction, managing the production process, and managing client relations and expectations.

This app was created by Texel Logic, a Jackson Dawson company.

June 25, 2019