Inside Unreal Live Stream!

News / 01 March 2023

 I will be doing a Live Stream event this Thursday at 2 PM EST!

I will be featured in this week's "Inside Unreal" showcasing how to use HDRs for automotive visualization with the new CGI Backgrounds tool.

Make sure to check it out this Thursday at 2 PM EST on the Unreal Engine YouTube and Twitch channels.


Youtube Milestone: 5k Subscribers!

News / 09 August 2021

Just hit 5k subscribers on my YouTube Channel! Thanks to everyone who supports my channel 'On Mars 3D'. This took me about of year of uploading weekly to hit this milestone. 

A big motivating factor has been people reaching out to me from all over the world to learn 3D Modeling, Rendering, and Art. I'm happy to be part of their 3D Art journey!

Check out my latest videos here:


First 3D Model for Sale!

News / 29 December 2020

I just uploaded my first 3D model for sale which is the Hammer Boy that I used for my free character modeling series. Only $5, hope you enjoy it!

Here is a link on the Artstation Marketplace