Maya Hard Surface Modeling Time-Lapse - Cyberpunk 2077 Grenade

Making Of / 09 March 2021

By watching this video, you will learn my high-level approach to hard surface modeling techniques that include subD or subdivisions modeling, edge flow and topology, how to maintain clean topology, and how to model simple to complex objects in Maya. Keep in mind that I use Maya for this video, but the techniques can be applied to any 3D software. Comment down below if you want me to cover how to take this high poly model and create a game ready version in a future tutorial. Check out the bookmarks throughout the video so you can jump to any part in the tutorial that may interest you. Enjoy! 


Making Of Mandalorian Helmet: Hard Surface Modeling in Maya

Making Of / 20 December 2020

Hard surface Modeling in Maya with the Mandalorian Helmet! Here's a time lapse and breakdown on the process.


Hammer Boy Creation Timelapse

Making Of / 17 December 2020

Hey Everyone,

Here are two timelapse videos on the Modeling, UV Mapping, Texturing, and Rendering. 12+ hours condensed doesn't to 30 minutes for Modeling and UV Mapping and 15 minutes for Texturing and Rendering. Software used are Maya, Substance Painter, and V-Ray.