How to UV Map Complex Objects and Setup UDIMs in Maya

Tutorial / 16 June 2021

I've been capturing the entire process of creating a game-ready hero asset (modeling, UV Mapping, texturing, etc) . This video covers UV Mapping complex objects and how to setup UDIMs in Maya:


High to Low Poly Workflow in 3D Modeling

Tutorial / 08 June 2021

After watching this tutorial you will have an understanding of optimization workflows and concepts to keep in mind when you need to bake high poly detail down to your low poly models. This video is part of a series on how to prepare real-time game ready assets in a real production pipeline.


How to Master Topology and Edge Flow in 3D Modeling

Tutorial / 24 May 2021

Latest video on understanding topology and edge flow. I've captured the process of retopoing complex sculpts and cover the Do's and Dont's of topology and edge flow. 

Link to purchase and download the model here:  


Latest video where I cover 5 tips to improve your understanding topology and edge flow in ANY 3D software

Tutorial / 05 May 2021

I put these tips together after many years of modeling professionally and teaching students over the years to improve their understanding of topology. Hope this helps! 


How to Perspective/Camera in Maya with fSpy and Blender!

Tutorial / 26 April 2021

Working on environment modeling and lighting studies with Maya and V-Ray but Maya does not have native camera/perspective matching tools. I ended up using fSpy and Blender to bring in the perspective matched camera in Maya. 

How do you match perspective when using reference in Maya?



Maya UV Mapping: How to Unwrap Curved Surfaces

Tutorial / 19 April 2021

This tutorial takes you through the process of creating completely straight and flattened UVs in Maya 2020. This workflow focuses on key steps to create straight UV Maps for any curved 3D surface.  


Maya Hard Surface Modeling - Complex Objects with Primitive Shapes

Tutorial / 04 April 2021

By watching this video, you will learn how to break down complex models into simpler, easier to model objects. This is my go to workflow whenever I need to hard surface model complex objects and I will show you how I applied this workflow to the cyberpunk grenade I recently modeled. You will also know how to analyze reference and how to break them down into primitive shapes so they are easier to model.



Modeling in Maya - Top 5 Ways to Make Pipes!

Tutorial / 15 February 2021

After watching this tutorial, you will learn my top 5 methods for making pipes in Maya. I cover various techniques that I have used over the years in my modeling career and will show you the benefits of using each method. At the end of the tutorial, I will cover an efficient way to detail and apply thickness to your pipe systems. Enjoy!


How to Model a Car Wheel in Maya!

Tutorial / 18 January 2021

New hard surface modeling tutorial on how to model a car wheel in Maya: 


Maya Hard Surface Modeling Tutorials

Tutorial / 05 January 2021

Here a couple quick videos on modeling tips and how to maintain sharp corners and clean topology while hard surface modeling in Maya!